Don’t You Just Love A Man in Uniform?

On Tuesday 18th June, at Rusland Reading Rooms (7:30pm), we will be hosting… the Royal Navy Presentation Team!

Image result for Royal Navy Presentation Team

The boys and girls of the Royal Navy will be coming to talk to us all about the role and work of the Royal Navy in the every-changing, modern world. This should be a fascinating and informative talk, given by well-travelled Royal Naval Officers, who are looking forward to meeting us all.

This is an Open Meeting (so invite you husbands, friends and family) and as always, it’s a free meeting. We’ll even provide tea, coffee and the obligatory home-baked goods! On the night we will be collecting donations for the Help for Heroes charity though, so if you do have a patriotic bone and bit of spare change, feel free to donate.

For further information, you can use the contact form below to get in touch beforehand with our Rusland WI President, Sally Lister.

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