Why Join?

July 2021 – Annual WI Garden Meeting

When you join our WI, you will not only make lots of new friends at our monthly, cake-filled meetings, but also be able to participate in the many other events that we also organise. These include theatre trips, visits to places to interest, afternoon teas (and more!), and our renowned carol evening. We also have a variety of other special days in our calendar, including ‘a technophobe’s helpline day’ and various crafty and cookery themed dabble days.

You will also get a copy of the national magazine ‘WI:Life’ (full of articles, tips and recipes) and you will be able to attend events and holidays organised by both the Cumbria-Westmorland Federation and the national organisation.

Want to know more? Download our New Member’s Guide below.

What Does It Cost?

Please feel free to come along to a couple of our meetings, to meet everyone and see what fun we all have, before you join us officially…

The 2021 subscription is £44 and will run from April 2021, until April 2022.

However, if you join mid-year, this amount would be reduced. Dual memberships, which will allow you to belong to two WIs, are also available at a reduced rate.

How to join:

To join, please use the Contact page on our website, or simply come along to our next meeting!

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