A fantastic adventure!

The talk, “Morcambe Bay Underwater Safari”, at our last meeting on Tuesday was a real eye opener. Gordon Fletcher’s talk was excellent and the accompanying photographs were stunning. We learnt how varied the sea life is under the waves and how beautiful and colourful the creatures are that live there. Gordon captured the beauty of Peacock Worms, Velvet Swimming Crabs, Starfish and Jellyfish, amongst others, and his descriptions of their habits was really interesting as well as educational.
One word of caution, there is now a major problem for the turtles that are in the Bay as polythene bags floating on the surface resemble a tasty jelly fish to a turtle, then the bags fill their stomachs and they die of starvation. So if you walk the coastline or anywhere else, do gather any poly bags that are left lying around to help conserve the wild life in our seas.

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